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WGM Enkhtuul Altan-Ulzii and CM Derakhshani Borna
CM Derakhshani Borna is joining the leader's list of the tournament after his win against CM Javokhir Sindarov from Uzbekistan on round 6. He was very happy after the game.

Enkhtuul.A: Hello. Please, introduce us about yourself? 

Derakhshani.B: I am 13 years old. About my accomplishment in chess, I got the 2nd place in Asian Youth Chess Championships and 3-time champion of Iran. I also played very well in World Youth Chess Championships 2012 which was held in Maribor, Slovenia. 

Enkhtuul.A: Have you played in Moscow Open? Because I think, I have seen you in Moscow last February. 

Derakhshani.B: Yes, I played in Moscow open last February. This was my first time in Moscow. I also have seen you there while you were talking with my sister.

Enkhtuul.A: So Tell us about your sister? I think, she is also a chess player.

Derakhshani.B: Yes, My sister's name is Derakhshani Dorsa and she is my older sister. She support me very much. 

Enkhtuul.A: How do you feel about this tournament? What is your experience here?

Derakhshani.B: I'm enjoying my time here, because it's really good and I like here very much. I think that tournament organization is in very high level. I would like to participate in this kind of tournaments if there will  be more and more tournaments like this for the kids. 

Enkhtuul.A: How did you know about our tournament? 

Derakhshani.B: I saw the regulation from many websites, like FIDE . My mother checked the official website of Al Ain Chess & Culture Club and she told me about this tournament, then I decided to come. 

Enkhtuul.A: We just finished the 6th round today and you're doing pretty good. Now you have 5.5 points out of 6, without losing. What do you want to say about your participation? 

Derakhshani.B: My games were very hard, especially on round 4 and 6. My opponents rating's were much higher than mine. They are actually very good players. 

FM Makhnyov Denis from Kazakhstan vs CM Derakhshani Borna from Iran

Enkhtuul.A: Who were your opponents on round 4 and 6? 

Derakhshani.B: On round 4, I played against FIDE Master Makhnyov Denis from Kazakhstan. I was pawn down. But I managed to make a draw. Because it was rook ending. We had 2 rooks, but it was drawish position. 

Enkhtuul.A: What about round 6 against CM Javokhir Sindarov from Uzbekistan? I saw your opponent was crying after the game... How do you feel after the game? 

Derakhshani.B: I was very happy because I won! I think, he had a better position in the opening, because he got the center squares. But maybe, he did some mistakes in several moves, because of that, my position became much better for me. 

Enkhtuul.A: Do you have a personal coach?

Derakhshani.B: Hmm, not really. But I do train with my sister. 

Enkhtuul.A: I know that your sister's chess level is improving very fast nowadays. She won against many strong chess players. It must be probably good for both of you to training together. 

Derakhshani.B: Yes. She is helping me a lot. I'm so thankful to have her by my side. 

Enkhtuul.A: Do you have a coach in the national youth chess team of Iran?

Derakhshani.B: We have a coach in the national team. But we don't have chess classes. Maybe just once in 4 months. 

CM Derakhshani Borna from Iran
Enkhtuul.A: Really? Are you sure?

Derakhshani.B: Yes. I am sure. Because our coach will go to the United States soon. He is an International Master. 

Enkhtuul.A: Have you been here before?

Derakhshani.B: Yes, I have been here many times. I participated in many tournaments which were held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The last tournament that I played here was the World Youth Chess Championships 2013 in Al Ain. 

Enkhtuul.A: The prize amount of this tournament is very high. There are not so many tournaments for youth chess players to compete for good prizes. What do you think about it? The Winner will take home $4000 which is pretty good. Are you planning to win the tournament?

Derakhshani.B: Of course, Everyone wants to win the tournament. The prize is very good. 

Enkhtuul.A: When is your next tournament? Are you planning to participate in World School Chess Championships which will be held in Thailand very soon? 

Derakhshani.B: No, I won't be participating in Thailand. Because I have my final exams during that time. But maybe, I will go to Armenia for some tournaments. 

Enkhtuul.A: I actually got an interesting question! Do you prefer to check the pairings before you sleep or after you wake up? 

Derakhshani.B: I would say before I sleep. Because I can never sleep without knowing the pairings. It makes me relax when I know the pairings.

Enkhtuul.A: Do you want to say something to people who supports you?

Derakhshani.B: First of all, I want to thank to my parents and especially for my sister who encourages me a lot! Of course, I want to thank to the organizers for this prestigious tournament.

Enkhtuul.A: Thanks for the interview. We wish you a lot of success for your future chess career!

Derakhshani.B: Thank you very much! 

Interview by WGM Enkhtuul Altan-Ulzii

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