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FIDE Master Viktor Matviyishev is the top seed of the very 1st Al Ain International Youth Open Chess Championship 2015. We invited him to give us an interview about the tournament right after the 4th round when he won against CM Sindarov Javokhir from Uzbekistan. Now FM Viktor Matviyishen has full point after 4 rounds. 

Enkhtuul.A: Please, introduce us about yourself? 

Viktor.M: I was born in 2002 and I learned to play chess at the age of 6. I think that being related with such a nice sport like chess is an honor for me and even for everyone who plays this mind game. I have one older sister and my family live in Vinnytisa, Ukraine. Vinnytsia is located about 260 km southwest of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Enkhtuul.A: Please, tell us about your accomplishments in chess? 

Viktor.M: I became two-time European Youth Champion and multiple youth champion of Ukraine. I played many open tournaments successfully and round-robin tournaments so far. I increased my rating a lot when I played against many strong chess players in those tournaments. 

Enkhtuul.A: What was your highest pick up rating? 

Viktor.M: My highest rating record was 2408 in November, 2014. 

Enkhtuul.A: Do you have any norms of International master or Grandmaster? 

Viktor.M: I have one norm of International master. I got my norm in round-robin tournament which was held in Moldavia last January. 

Ukrainian the most promising youngest chess star FM Viktor Matviyishen

Enkhtuul.A: Have you ever participated in World Youth Chess Championships before? 

Viktor.M: Yes, I played in World Youth Chess Championships which were held in Slovenia 2012 and United Arab Emirates 2013. But I played not so good in both championships. 

Enkhtuul.A: How do you feel about this tournament? Do you like the playing venue?

Viktor.M: I like the tournament organization very much and accommodation is so comfortable, also the food is very good. Tournament hall is actually very nice to play chess, because the hall is not so hot and not so cold. I'm enjoying my time here.

Enkhtuul.A: You're doing great in this tournament so far. How was your game against CM Javokhir Sindarov? 

Viktor.M: I was black against him. After the 15th move, I got better position, so I managed to win the game. I think, my opponent made some mistake in the opening. Because I sacrificed my quality to get an advantage to win. 

CM Javokhir Sindarov from Uzbekistan vs FM Viktor Matviyishen from Ukraine

Enkhtuul.A: Our tournament prize found is very high for youth chess players. The winner will get $4000. What do you think about it? 

Viktor.M: Yes, Definitely big prize for youth chess players, especially when it's under 15. Actually in Ukraine, US Dollar rate is getting very higher these days. So $4000 is very big amount of money in Ukraine. 

Enkhtuul.A: Maybe, its just because of the political situation. How's life in Ukraine? 

Viktor.M: I don't know. I think, it's fine. (smile)

Enkhtuul.A: Do you have a coach? If yes, please, introduce us about your coach?

Viktor.M: Yes, I have. My coach is an International Master and his name is Bodnar Nikolay Nikolaevich. He is the director of Ukrainian Chess Academy. 

Enkhtuul.A: When is your next tournament after this championship?

Viktor.M: I will participate in Ukrainian Youth Chess Championship, under boys - 16. It will be held in April. I don't really remember the exact day, but I'm sure that it will be on April, 18 or 24.

Enkhtuul.A: We wish you all the best for your upcoming tournaments and of course, for this tournament too! 

Viktor.M: Thank you very much!

  Interview by WGM Enkhtuul Altan-Ulzii

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