Friday, 10 April 2015

There are 7 players sharing the first place with 6 points each and 2 more rounds to go!

Only 2 more rounds left, but there is no solo-leader at the moment. Tournament leaders are FM Gadimbayli Abdulla, CM Asadli Vugar, Ismayilzada Ismayil from Azerbaijan, FM Makhnyov Denis from Kazakhstan, Derakhshani Borna from Iran, Dhanush Bharadwaj from India and Hareb Nasser Hareb Alshamsi from United Arab Emirates. But Azerbaijani FM Gadimbayli Abdulla is holding the 1st place by tie-break. On round 7, Azerbaijani 13 years old FM Gadimbayli Abdulla made a draw against his opponent FM Makhnyov Denis from Kazakhstan and Iranian CM Derakhshani Borna drew against CM Asadli Vugar too. All of them had 5.5 points before the 7th round. Indian Dhanush Bharadwaj managed to win against Azerbaijani player Imanov Asim while Emirati player Sultan Fadel Saeed M Alshamsi lost to Ismayilzada Ismayil from Azerbaijan. Qatari 15-year-old Salih Al Hor lost to Emirati player Hareb Nasser Hareb Alshamsi and Hareb Nasser joined the leaders with 6 points after the 7th round. 2014 World School Chess Champion CM Sindarov Javokhir won against Khezrian Mohammad from United States of America. Now, Sindarov Javokhir has 5 points out of 7. 2014 World Youth Champion, Mongolian 9 years old Munkhzul Davaakhuu has also 5 points, it makes her to hold the 1st place among under 10 girls. 

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