Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Tournament is already on the half way so far and more to go! There were some upsets for the #1 and #2 ranking players. On round 4, FM Makhnyov Denis from Kazakhstan drew against CM Derakhshani Borna from Iran. CM Derakhshani Borna is currently holding 1969 rating points while FM Makhnyov Denis has 2347 elo rating. Likewise the top seed of the tournament, FM Viktor Matviyishen from Ukraine beaten by CM Asadli Vugar with white on round 5. CM Asadli Vugar has 2287 rating at the moment and this must be a very good start for Azerbaijani player to become the leader of the tournament. We will see what will happen in the next rounds.

CM Asadli Vugar from Azerbaijan

Russian 8-year-old Khamatgaleev Micheal has 2 points out of 5 and he will face against Emirati player Alyazia Humaid Alhasani on round 6. The most interesting result of the day is Azerbaijani player Imanov Asim won against Agmanov Zhandos from Kazakhstan who is 478 elo points higher than Imanov Asim. Azerbaijani Imanov Asim is exactly 15 years old. His rating is 1723 at the moment, but he's showing his strength in this tournament. We all can see that chess is not about rating points, but it's about your abilities of concentration, etc.

Imanov Isam from Azerbaijan, 1723.

Agmanov Zhandos and his teammate #2 Makhnyov Denis played against each other on round 5 and it was important game for both of them to join the leaders list. Finally, #2 ranking player FIDE Master Makhnyov Denis won against his teammate. Winning against your teammate would make you feel a little bad, but what to do, this is sport and you have to fight no matter what!

Kazakhstan chess players against each other on round 5.

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Report by WGM Enkhtuul Altan-Ulzii

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