Wednesday, 8 April 2015


We got very interesting pairing for round 6. Everyone is excited to see the top board match between CM Asadli Vugar and FM Gadimbayli Abdulla. They are both from Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, we didn't see such a fight between them, because they made a very quick draw and it took only a few minutes! Journalist didn't even had a chance to take a photo of them.

They both left the playing hall after the game immediately with a big smile! 

Tournament leader, CM Asadli Vugar from Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani 13 years old player, FIDE Master Gadimbayli Abdulla is sharing the 1st place with his teammate CM Asadli Vugar after the 6th round. He ranked #3 on the starting list with 2332 rating. He won all his opponents after 5 rounds and made a very quick draw with his teammate on round 6.

FIDE Master Gadimbayla Abdulla from Azerbaijan, 2332.

On round 6, CM Javokhir Sindarov from Uzbekistan beaten by Iranian CM Derakhshani Borna who has 1969 elo rating. CM Javokhir Sindarov got very upset after his loss and he left the playing hall with tears! But CM Javokhir Sindarov is 2014 World School Champion and his rating is currently 2116. He is one of the most promising chess young starts of Uzbekistan. Iranian 13 years old CM Derakhshani Borna joined in the leader's list with 5.5 points out of 6.

CM Derakhshani Borna from Iran.

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Report by WGM Enkhtuul Altan-Ulzii

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